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Challenge #001 - A pretty nifty multifandom prompt community

Sarah posting in A pretty nifty multifandom prompt community
User: kickmymuse (posted by gizmonic)
Date: 2008-03-15 01:11
Subject: Challenge #001
Security: Public
Tags:!prompt, *challenges, challenge 001
(Sorry for being late on this!)

First challenge! I'm hoping it'll be fun so more people will participate. There will be three prompts given (including a bonus prompt) that you may be able to choose out of. You can do all three or just one. Whatever floats your boat! ALSO: If you haven't claimed your character(s), you can do so HERE.

Prompt 1: Quote

"Don't leave. I think I love you."

Prompt 2: Word

Dancing Shoes

Prompt 3: Lyrics

Don't Speak - No Doubt (download) | Don't Speak - No Doubt (lyrics)

BONUS Prompt: Scene

Your claimed character wakes up one morning about seven months pregnant. The catch is, is that they could have sworn the night before that they weren't. Let all hilarity ensue. (If your claim is a pairing, you may choose one or both for this prompt. If you're claim is a male, well, have fun ;))

Don't forget to pimp this community! The more the merrier!
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