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kickmymuse's Journal

A pretty nifty multifandom prompt community
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Welcome to kickmymuse! This community is basically a place where you can brush up on your writing skills by writing a drabble or ficlet based on a prompt given to you. This is not a write-to-win community. Here, (as cheesy as it may sound) everybody wins. After each challenge, you will receive a banner that shows off how hard you worked and the effort you put into your said fic.

The moderators will be the ones posting the prompts, however there is a link on the main community's sidebar where you are free to post a prompt suggestion. Remember, we have the right to say no if we don't think it'll work for the community.

A prompt will be posted on Friday. If there is more than one prompt feel free to use just one or as many as you feel the need to. Just as long as it sounds good and won't hurt our eyes to read.

Claims will be due by Saturday. All claims should be done in a comment to the prompt and will be screened. You will be notified asap if your claim is safe or if someone has beat you to it. It's always safe to have a backup claim just in case yours has already been taken. Also, please try and vary your claims so as not to have the same two or three over and over.

All fics will be due two weeks from the Friday the challenge is given. As with RPG and any other community like this, activity is expected. If you miss two or more prompts in a row you'll be given two warnings and then you'll be booted.

You may comment on/critique or offer constructive criticism to other people's work, but remember to be respectful. The moment I see someone being rude, they will be booted out of the community.

If you're going to be gone for awhile, let us know please so we don't send out the rabid plot bunnies after you. They tend to be rather selective in what they eat and there is nothing more they love to nibble and chew on than missing members.

Lastly, no plagiarism of any kind! This will definitely get you banned.

Okay, to start off, please post the following on each fic:

Title: Title of Fic Goes Here
Prompt: Pretty Self-Explanatory
Genre: Slash/Het/Gen/Crossover/X-Men/Buffy...ect. Goes Here
Claim: Your claim goes here
Word Count: The Number of Words Goes Here
Rating: The Rating of Story - G, PG, R etc.
Warnings: Any Warnings Go Here

And then your cut. Simple as that! Not sure how to do a cut? Try here.

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